Custom Swimming Gear & Apparel

Weather you are a men or women and you are a recreational swimmer, training for a triathlon or hanging out on the beach, we can customize any piece of swimming gear like swimming trunks, speedo style, complete swimsuits, tri swimsuits, or bikinis

We have a digital sublimation process which allows us to customize any gear with any image, logo, text you can dream of. So if you want to be funny, radical, political, religious, etc, express it in your swimming gear.

Here are some examples of Bikinis and swimming wear we have created in the past:

Here is what we believe in:
- We make the process as easy as possible for our customers: Simple pricing per item. (no hidden or crazy pricing structures like charges by the # of colors, logos, or images used).
- We always provide FREE Designs.
- We have no minimums, if you need ONE piece, we can do it.
- We run a GREEN Operation: We use green and earth friendly inks for the sublimation, we do not waste any paper for the sublimation, we use the remaining fabrics to produce caps and other products. We do not include extra paper tags or marketing materials. We figure why pollute our planet?. We use e-mail as the primary contact and we rarely print or waste any resource.
- We believe in the quality of our products and how we can change the world by providing great apparel. That way people Get Fit, Get Energized, Feel Happy and can change the world with a good attitude.

So give us a try, contact us to find out how we can create a custom piece for you, your company or team. We have a digital printing process which allows us take care of any size order, no minimums. Also having a digital printing process as opposed to a screen printed piece makes it for a more comfortable garment.  Screen printing leaves a layer on top of the garment which affects breath ability and the comfort of the athlete, so we have the technological advance materials and techniques available.

Here is an interesting article on how advertising on cycling apparel is beneficial to your business or organization

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